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Measuring Tajweed Augmented Reality-Based Gamification Learning Model (TARGaLM) Implementation for Children in Tajweed Learning

Nurtihah Mohamed Noor, Marina Ismail, Rahmah Lob Yussof and Fakhrul Hazman Yusoff

Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 27, Issue 4, October 2019

Keywords: ANOVA, augmented reality, enjoyment, experience, gamification, motivation, post hoc test, tajweed learning

Published on: 21 October 2019

Known for its plain and dry content, tajweed learning is often tedious, particularly for children. Our preliminary study confirmed that most of the learners were uninterested to learn tajweed and this fact was agreed by their educators. Currently, technological advancement helps learning enormously and it has been widely utilised, especially for the digital native generation. Therefore, we highlighted the use of augmented reality and gamification as an attempt to attract children to learn tajweed. Based on experience and motivational theory, tajweed augmented reality-based gamification learning model (TARGaLM) was implemented in the tajweed learning. To investigate the effectiveness of the proposed approach in terms of their emotional engagement (enjoyment) potential and learning performance, 198 children constituted four groups participated in the learning activities. TARGaLM successfully gained positive results of autonomy, challenge, points, badges, leader board, progression, immersion, and feedback, which are crucial for enjoyment. In the post-activity interviews, the students mentioned that the proposed approach was interesting. Furthermore, the proposed approach group indicated the highest decrease in articulation errors from the post-test compared to other groups. The use of current technology and approach not only has potential in bringing enjoyment, but also gives a positive impact on the learning outcomes.

ISSN 0128-7702

e-ISSN 2231-8534

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