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Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities

Regular Issue Online submission


Welcome! The Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities accepts submissions through its Online Submission system. Owing to the volume of manuscripts received, we have devised a 2-step online submission system. We must insist that all submissions be made via our submission system.

Submit a new manuscript


For the preparation of the manuscript, you may view the Instructions to authors.


The manuscript MUST be submitted to the link below for Editorial Screening:


Authors have to fill the form that requires basic information of the manuscript and upload the COMPLETE manuscript.


Any update regarding the Editorial Screening will be sent to the email provided by the author.

After passes the Editorial Screening


When and if a manuscript passes through the Editorial Screening, the author(s) will be immediately informed. Authors are then required to submit to the ScholarOne submission process for the review process. Review process is entirely done through the ScholarOne system.


Successful authors will be supplied with the link to ScholarOne and the Submission guideline.

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If you experience any problems using the system, please contact the Journal's Editorial Office via email to or