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Satu Kajian Awal Memproses Keledek Keping (A Preliminary Study on Processing of Sweet Potato Leather)

Yaakob Che Man dan Raya Shariff

Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agricultural Science, Volume 6, Issue 1, April 1983

Keywords: Keledek keping; pengeringan; penerimaan.

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Sweet potato leather was successfully developed using Serdang I variety of sweet potato . The leather was prepared from cooked sweet potato flesh to which 0.5%> CMC, 2 00 ppm NallSO 3 and 7% sugar were added before a thin sheet of 1mm thickness was formed . Oven drying at temperatures o f 55°, 65° and 75°C was co n d u c ted for 4'/2 hrs. Results showed that drying temperatures affect the moisture content (11-17%) and hence aw (0 .4 6 -0 .7 0 ) o f the leather. Hunter colour a and b values showed a significant (P<0.01) darkening as the temperature of drying increased; however, L values were n o t significant (P>0.05). Instron firmness values showed a significant increase (P<0.01) as the temperature increased. Sensory data for flavour, colour, firmness and overall acceptability indicated that the product was well accepted by the panelists.

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