About Journal Unit


The unit is under the Research Management Centre (RMC) and falls directly under the jurisdiction of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (R&I).

The Unit is headed by Prof. Dato' Dr. Abu Bakar Salleh who is also the Chief Executive Editor for UPM journals. In a decision made at the 24th JKPen meeting held on 18 January 2013, it was decided to have all the officially recognised faculty-based journals encompassed under the Pertanika banner.

The Journal Unit has been given the task to monitor, facilitate and provide assistance where necessary to all the university academic journals.

The streamlining and reorganization at UPM Press administered by the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (R&I) is aimed at enhancing and further boosting the image of all university journals which is in line with the University's goal to continuously maintain and persistently improve the quality of publications.

Roles and Responsibilities of Journal Division:

List of Academic Journals

UPM currently publishes 10 scientific research journals under Pertanika's banner:

    Other Journal(s) currently hosted by UPM:

    • Asian Fisheries Science Journal (ASJ) - ISSN 0116-6514 (print).

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